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Exercise is a powerful stimulus that can reduce and prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular and metabolic dysfunction. Regular physical activity is associated with better mental health, including a reduced risk or incidence of dementia, reduced feelings of anxiety and depression, improved cognitive function, improved quality of life, improved sleep.

Exercise indeed is one of the medicine that we physiotherapist prescribe to patients which help in rehab process and improve their overall quality of life. 

You might find Challenges attractive ! 

If you love to commit to an unrealistic amount of exercise, you will end up getting injured or exhausted (or both). By trying to eat more than you can physically handle, you won't get credit or benefits in the long-term. If you force yourself to do an activity, you will end up causing injury to one self. 

Anything that involves focusing on vanity instead of fitness is probably the most absurd (and misguided) workout objective. Here’s what we physiotherapists have to say : If you are target training by doing endless sit ups to “get abs” you are wasting your time — and likely to end up with some neck or back problems.

Excessive amounts of something can have negative effects.

Sure, potato chips are delicious, but moderation is key.

There has been an old saying, too much of anything is good for nothing.

Focusing on overall core stability isn’t that attractive, but certainly more beneficial in the long run.

Every exercise carried out in right proportion / reps,  based on ones health conditions, maintaining the right posture / form, wearing the right supportive splint, at the right time with right progress will help you build and maintain  good health and physique without injuring oneself. 

Core Fitness

Flat Abs Challenge


Push Up Challenge

chin up.jpg

Pull Up/ Chin Up Challenge

Fitness Gym

Total Workout Challenge

Doing Squats

Squat Challenge

Gym Workout

Battle Rope Challenge

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