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Referral program

"Earn While You Learn" is an innovative concept that has gained tremendous popularity, offering a unique opportunity to simultaneously acquire knowledge and generate income. It presents a pathway for individuals, especially young learners and aspiring professionals, to gain practical experience and financial independence while pursuing their education or career goals. By participating in work-based programs, internships, or part-time job opportunities, individuals can develop valuable skills, build professional networks, and gain a competitive edge in the job market. "Earn While You Learn" empowers individuals to take control of their future, fostering a harmonious blend of education, growth, and financial stability.

Enroll in the Bethany Referral Program and receive a 5% to 10% commission for referring individuals to different programs and on the sales of diverse products. 
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Terms & Conditions of
Referral Program

Follow the Terms & Conditions of Referral Programs as below 

Provide your name and details to receive a Referral card with your Name on it.

Share the Referral card within your network of Physiotherapists.

Interested participant may join the program online and enter your name as referrer during the registration process.

You will receive Rs 250 as a referral amount for each participant who joins the course after paying the full amount.

Please note that referred participant should not be Bethanians or Ex-Bethanians , if so the the referrer is not eligible for the referral incentive.

Only 45 seats are available for the program, so encourage interested participants to secure their spot promptly.

Make sure that the participants you refer enter your name as the referrer in the designated field provided on the online registration form. The same should be confirmed with the Registration Contact Person :


Dr. Jitto Joseph (PT)

Associate Professor

+91 94478 23609


The program organizers reserve the right to verify referrals and disqualify any fraudulent or ineligible referrals.


Referral amounts will be provided upon successful completion of the registration and payment process by the referred participant.

The referral program is subject to change or termination at the discretion of the program organizers.

Note: It is essential to follow the instructions and ensure that the participants you refer enter your name accurately during registration to receive the referral amount.

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