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fitness trainer

Fitness Trainers work with healthy bodies and focus on building muscle mass, fitness, and aesthetics.

Knowledge of the body and it’s mechanics by

fitness trainer

while addressing sports activities

Fitness trainer can assist you in maintaining a high degree of fitness while also assisting you in developing your strength, movement, and endurance. However, because of their specialised knowledge in the industry, personal trainers are beneficial for players. They can instruct you in proper posture and movement.


Physiotherapists work with injured bodies and focus on pain management and rehabilitation to keep you moving.

Knowledge of the body and it’s mechanics by physiotherapist while addressing sports activities

Physiotherapists concentrate on medical conditions and injuries caused during sports activities and support the body's healing process by strengthening it. Physiotherapists will frequently use specialised physical therapy techniques, such as mobilization and manipulation as well as used various modalities to treat musculoskeletal problems and help you in improving mobility and range of motion thus help you recover and get back to your sports activities.

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