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Medical Consultation

clinical instructor

Bethany navajeevan physiotherapy clinic & rehabilitation centre.
Bethany hills, nalanchira, trivandrum.

The Role..

Clinical Instructor

Qualification : BPT/MPT with 5-10 yrs of Clinical Experience

Full time 

Main Duties..

Seeing patients, Assessing their condition and documenting the same after proper evaluation.

Conducting physiotherapy awareness programs and camps at various organizations and visiting doctors clinic to promote our services and improve referral program.

Teaching and managing interns.

Administrative responsibilities and being involved in continued medical education (CME)

Responsibilities and Duties

You will see patients during regular business hours, 50 hours a week, Monday through Saturday, in the outpatient setting.

You will see patients individually or in groups.

You will also be teaching and managing Physiotherapy therapy interns who will be helping you manage the group.

Candidates who have interest in additional administrative responsibilities such as...

    * Running a our website. Managing Online booking.

    * Being in charge of volunteer services program or

    * Arrange a learning workshops and lectures, or    

    * Being in charge of quality improvement projects or any project you come up on your own that could be of value to this organization are strongly encouraged and additional compensation will be provided.

The candidate should actively participate towards the growth of the clinic and willing to cooperate and take up tasks for the progress of the same.

Requirements / Qualifications..

Qualification : BPT/MPT with 5-10 yrs of Clinical Experience

Full time 

Exposure to an interdisciplinary team approach, community integration (return to work, school, college etc), exposure.

Interested candidates can share their resume at

Job Application

Clinical Instructor

Qualification : BPT/MPT with 5-10 yrs of Clinical Experience

Full time 

Posted    : 24th May 2023
Location : Bethany Navajeevan Physiotherapy, Clinic &  Rehabilitation Center ,
Bethany Hills, Nalanchira, Trivandrum.
Job Type: Full-time


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