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physiotherapist /
senior physiotherapist 

Bethany navajeevan physiotherapy clinic & rehabilitation centre.
Bethany hills, nalanchira, trivandrum.

The Role..

Physiotherapist / Senior Physiotherapist

2 - 10 yrs of Experience

Full time 


Salary package will be decided based on the caliber and enthusiasm of the candidate. There would be a 3 months probation period for analyzing the performance. If you are found to be the right candidate you can continue with our organization and if not, you may be asked to leave after the probation period. 

Salary        : INR 2,40,000 - INR 5,00,000  per annum (Based on experience, efficiency & enthusiasm towards job)

Increment : Yearly based on performance.

Non performance will lead to termination with one month notice period.

Main Duties..

Responsibilities and Duties

Assessment and Evaluation

Treatment Planning

Treatment Implementation

Patient Education

Rehabilitation and Functional Training

Monitoring and Progress Evaluation


Collaborative Approach

Professional Development

Building Relationships and Referrals

Networking with Healthcare Professionals

Online Presence and Marketing

Community Engagement

Specialization and Expertise

Patient Education and Empowerment

Customer Service Excellence

Clear Communication

Training and Development

Supervision and Support


Teamwork and Collaboration

Performance Evaluation

Conflict Resolution

Professional Conduct and Ethics

Career Advancement and Goal Setting

Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Safety

Equipment Inventory and Procurement

Training and Education

Troubleshooting and calling for Technical Support on time


Adhering to Regulations and Standards

Cleaning and Disinfection

Sterilization (if applicable)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Equipment Storage

Regular Inspection

Disposable and Single-Use Items

Patient Education

Compliance with Infection Control Guidelines


Equipment Inventory

Equipment Maintenance Schedule

Logging Maintenance Activities

Repair and Service Records

Equipment Inspections

Compliance with Regulations

Communication with Equipment Suppliers

Equipment Disposal and Replacement

Training and Education

Product Knowledge
Patient Assessment
Education and Instructions
Product Recommendations
Informed Consent
Cost Transparency
Ethical Considerations

You will see patients during regular business hours, 50 hours a week, Monday through Saturday, in the outpatient setting.

You will also be a clinical coordinator for college, taking practice sessions and managing Physiotherapy therapy interns and also responsible for clinical posting in different hospitals.

Being in charge of quality improvement projects or any project you come up on your own that could be of value to this organization are strongly encouraged and additional compensation will be provided.

The candidate should actively participate towards the growth of the clinic and willing to cooperate and take up tasks for the progress of the same.

In order to ensure ongoing productivity and maintain high standards of performance, employee evaluations will be conducted. These evaluations will serve as a basis for determining the continuation of employment. Outstanding performance will be rewarded, while performance falling below expectations may result in termination. 

Requirements / Qualifications..

MPT / Ph.D / Clinical Exposure

2 - 10 yrs of Experience

Exposure to an interdisciplinary team approach, community integration (return to work, school, college etc), exposure.

Interested candidates can share their resume at

Job Application

Apply for the post of Senior Phyisotherapist.

Posted    : 8th July 2023
Location : Bethany Navajeevan Physiotherapy, Clinic &  Rehabilitation Center ,
Bethany Hills, Nalanchira, Trivandrum.
Job Type: Full-time


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