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MEN'S HEALTH physiotherapy

There are a variety of existing conditions that concern men only. These health problems include conditions that are associated with the prostate and / or genitalia. Much of the problems men experience may be largely age related or they may be caused by trauma, disease, cancer, infection, nerve damage and / or obesity to name a but a few

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Controlling the bladder and storing urine depends on the function of the urinary tract, kidneys, and nervous system. Urine is continuously collected in the bladder after it leaves the kidneys. A bladder is a muscle called the detrusor, which expands when filled with urine. A sphincter keeps the bladder closed as it fills up. Together with the detrusor muscle, the sphincter controls urine flow. It is the nervous system that allows the bladder to continue to fill and informs you when you must urinate. To force urine out of the bladder, the detrusor muscle must contract. When the bladder is full, part of the brain helps prevent bladder contraction so that urination can be delayed until you are ready to use the bathroom.

Urge incontinence in men is the strong, sudden need to urinate due to uncontrolled bladder spasms of contractions. An overactive bladder results in involuntary bladder muscle contractions which are caused by bladder irritation or problems in the nervous system.

Bladder cancer
Bladder inflammation
Bladder outlet obstruction
Bladder stones
Neurological diseases – such as Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis
Neurological injury – such as spinal cord injury or stroke
Prostate enlargement or cancer
Prostate surgery or other surgery to the area around the bladder
Weakness in pelvic floor muscles / abdominal muscles

Involuntary release of urine
Regular urination at any time of day or night

A sudden urgent need to pass urines

Exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles
Strengthening exercises for the abdominal muscles
Bladder training to help the bladder return to normal function
Biofeedback training to show you how well you are using your pelvic floor muscles
Electrical stimulation to improve muscle function
Home exercise programme instruction to improve pelvic floor function
Instructions on how to control pelvic floor and abdominal muscles when feeling the urge to urinate
Controlled breathing and relaxation exercises
Education on how to make lifestyle changes that may affect the bladder

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